Coriander (Cilantro) seeds have a warm, sweet and spicy aroma and is well known for its culinary uses. It’s high in vitamins A, C, and K and is an excellent source of fiber. It also helps to promote a friendly environment for good bacteria.

  • Excellent for a healthy digestive system

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

  • Impressive anti-inflammatory properties

  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification

  • Boosts cellular function and DNA repair


Coriander doesn’t just provide your body with vitamins, it also helps your body process vitamins. Because Vitamin-D is “fat soluble”, it is best taken and absorbed with healthy fats. Coriander seeds are loaded with fatty acids and essential oils. In fact, 28.4% of the seeds weight is healthy fatty acids! Coriander seed oil is also loaded with antioxidants that fight oxidative stress which can lower your ability to absorb nutrients.


New Perfect Press® Coriander oil is the best RAW Coriander seed oil available anywhere. It’s perfectly pressed from thousands of the most potent organic Coriander seeds in the world — Indian Coriander seeds. Research suggests that these seeds are more effective for fighting bad bacteria because they contain the highest amount of volatile compounds of any type of Coriander seeds.

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