Flax seeds are one of nature’s best sources of vegetarian omega-3 fatty acids. Properly pressed, flax oil is easily absorbed by the body and does not tax the liver or other organs.


Omega–3s are scientifically proven to be one of the most powerful, natural ways to maintain a healthy inflammation response while soothing and reducing age-related symptoms. Omega–3s repair cells and protect important functions in your body. As your cells absorb these nutrients the positive effect spreads throughout your body, promoting and protecting your health.


With its high omega–3 content, flax oil is a natural way to keep your gut happy and digestive plumbing moving. Ironically, one of the best ways to burn more fat is by eating more fat — healthy fat. Healthy fats (like the omega–3s in flax oil) are known to boost your metabolism and support a process called ‘thermogenesis’. Thermogenesis makes your body’s brown fat cells (the bad kind) burn faster.


  • Supports A Healthy Heart

  • Promotes Digestive Function

  • Maintain Healthy Cholesterol

  • Encourages Cellular Repair

  • Maintains Eye Health

Flax Oil | Perfect Press | 250ml | Activation Products


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